Monday, October 22, 2007

Running in your running shoes - what else would you do with them

Normal pronation provides about a 5% movement during your stride. This acts as a shock absorber to distribute your weight and the force of your movement.

Over-pronation means that your foot rotates too far to the inside and is not as efficient at absorbing the force of your movement. Good shoes correct for this tendency by providing motion control which leads to greater stability.

The other common gait problem is supination which does not provide adequate rotation of the foot. This can be corrected with the proper shoes and/or with orthotics.

For more information about gait and running shoes, I recommend that you visit the Runners World website.

PT this morning was a seven km slow run. We ran through the training area which was quite scenic. The temp was 17 degrees C which is pleasantly warm without being too hot. I would have preferred to run at a slightly faster pace but we were doing it as a group so everyone had to stick together. During the rest of the day I drank more than the usual amount of water and am completely hydrated now.

During the day I had some free time so I went to the local Canex store and bought a new pair of running shoes. My feet over pronate, which means that there is a pronounced rotation movement towards the inside of the foot. I usually buy shoes that correct for this gait pattern and prevent knee injuries. I`m going to go break in the new shoes with a quick walk through Lemoine Point. Talk to ya later couch potatoes.

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Eric said...

Dear Balcony Babe,

Regarding what I would do with running shoes... I would get steel caps put on them and kick one of my co worker's ass. I may be a couch potato compared to you but this guy is just stupid. He creates more work for everybody and the stress of trying to manage him adds about 100 points to your blood pressure. Maybe I should join you in this fitness thing I will send you my starting measurements tommorrow. I think Dad is now beating us all in the weight loss category though. He must be close to 150 lbs by now.