Sunday, October 21, 2007


It's time to get real about working out. To track progress I am going to publish my measurements and revisit them periodically. I pulled an old exercise book off the shelf and I am going to share my measurements from Thanksgiving 2005 as a comparison with today's measurements. Every six weeks or so I'll publish an update and we'll see how things go.

Today's workout started with a long walk at Lemoine Point. It was gorgeous out today. Afterwords, I did a little home workout. 3 sets of each exercise
Step ups 60
situps 30
bench press 40 lb X 12 reps
bosu vsit with medicine ball 20
swiss ball 1 arm dumbbell press 10 lbs X 12 reps (This is mostly an ab exercise)
lunges with 10 lb dumbbell 12/leg
4 pt shoulder press on bosu 10 lb db X 12 reps

The bosu is a new piece of fitness equipment for my home gym. I've used them at commercial gyms and found the workouts quite challenging. It was hard to track one down for home use, though, because they are not sold in many fitness stores. Let me know if you would like more info on bosu workouts and I'll be glad to send it.

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