Sunday, October 21, 2007

Hot tubbing is a hard workout

PT this week has been a wild ride of monster workouts and workouts that were monstrously fun. Here's the re-cap:
Monday - Troop run of 6 km. Weather was good, group was good to run with, some joking around which made the workout fun.

Tuesday - Circuit training. Six assorted exercises with some lap running in between. Overall a pretty good workout but I need to improve my chin ups. (I was doing assisted chin ups and need to get my fitness level up to doing proper chin ups)

Wednesday - Sports morning. I was on the water polo team but since the other team forfeited we just had a fun morning. Some lap swimming until the guys found some plastic balls and started trying to hit each other in the head with the balls. Good fun followed by some hot tubbing and a couple of minutes in the sauna.

Thurday - Pool again. Twice in one week is almost unheard of. This workout was led by a fitness instructor. The program was 18 minutes of continuous lengths, any style. Then we did swimming sprints with pushups and crunches on the pool deck. Finished off with another round of hot tubbing and a short sauna session.

Friday - Finished off the week with a PT session at a local restaurant. French toast and ham accompanied by seconds on coffee. This fitness lifestyle is pretty good!

Am I more fit now than at the start of the week? No. Did I have fun? Yup.

Happy workouts to all of you.

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patricia said...

This is more my style of fitness (except for the ugly word 'chinups'). I hope that you absorb all the water that your pores can hold during your hot tubbing and lap swimming! You will be in a pretty dry location soon and, although there will probably be French toast (not sure about ham in such a place), you will have to float only in your dreams. Our Super Cycling Potato phoned early this am. He is fit and well but so far has lost 16kg. He says that the others are joking about the total-body skin lift he needs now! He is not accessing these blogs so do email him with your smiles and any rude jokes you can remember about wrinkled old skin lifts!