Sunday, November 4, 2007

Fitness leftovers

Doin' better today. I re-did the workout from Thursday and it was even better on the second go around. Just like Thanksgiving leftovers - they taste better and there are no pans to wash up. Why have only one helping when you can have three? 3 Sets of exercises,that is. (You thought I was being a food glutton, didn't you.)

Here it is:
pushups - a bunch using the balance board
lunge press with medicine ball 12/leg
Vsit with med ball twist 20/side
squat with 18 lb barbell 20
Vsit 20
J complex (back) 8 lb dumbbells 6 of all 5 exercises
full situps 50
calf raise 20
horizontal woodchop 15 lb X 12/side
swiss ball with hamstring 15
tricep pulldown 20 lb X 20 (2 sets) and 15 lb X 20 (1 set)
bicep curl 15 lb dumbbell 12/arm

Overall, it went better than last time and I was able to increase reps on a couple of exercises. I changed the last couple of items to add calves and biceps, which had been neglected prior to now. I found the lunges and squats were not as challenging as when I started doing them a few weeks ago. This is an encouraging sign and I hope to see more progress in the next little while. Right now I am increasing reps instead of weight to get a good "body weight" workout. There is still lots of scope for improvement with body weight exercises before I get crazy with dumbbells and barbells.

Overall very good workout. I enjoyed it a lot and am curious to see which body parts give me twinges tomorrow.
Weight 158 lbs
Injuries none

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