Monday, November 19, 2007

Hot and dry

Day 2 of the new workout routine started at 6AM. I was dehydrated and only managed to do a half hour routine. I drank lots of water yesterday but the heater in my room didn't seem to shut off during the night and I woke up feeling parched and cranky. Tonight I'll keep the window open a crack even though it goes down to 5 degrees at night.

3 sets of each
situps 30
squats 25
med ball ab twists 15/side
dead bugs (abs) 25
lunges 20/leg
side crunch on swiss ball 15

Had good intentions of eating healthy today but the cooks served pastry for breakfast so I had a danish after the eggs and such were finished. It tasted so good that I went back for a croissant. So hard to say no when it comes hot and fresh from the oven.


patricia said...

I was led astray as well by a scrumptious 'Fruity Loaf', baked this morning and brought straight home from the neighbourhood bakery by my favourite baker. Raisins, currants, lots of cinnamon, sweet glaze on top, yummm! Sounds like you don't need Timbits if you have sweet treats at breakfast and in Canada House.

Balcony Babe said...

A fresh baked fruit loaf would taste pretty good right now. Are loaves dense enough to count as Christmas cake? If so, maybe you could soak one in rum and serve it up when company comes over during the holidays.

When you see your baker you can tell him that I will come sample some of his treats when I get home.

patricia said...

I just realized today that your 'local' Tims is in Kandahar, not Kabul. There was an article in today's paper about it.

Balcony Babe said...

You're right. Tim's isn't close by but there are several places here that sell "cappuccino". The quality varies quite a bit, though. At its best, the coffee tastes pretty close to coffee back home, with allowance made for the different tasting milk. At its worst, the coffee is instant coffee with milk added and the whole concoction is steamed in a cappuccino machine. Not very tasty but drinking it kills a half hour so we do it from time to time while waiting around for other people to finish their tasks and catch up with us. All in all the coffee is quite drinkable here.