Friday, November 9, 2007

Just say no to denying yourself sweets

Babe was wondering if her family had wandered off in search of better blogs to read. There were relatively few comments during the last week and almost no takers on the exercise challenge.

This all changed yesterday, however, when lava cake erupted on the scene. Interest is high and the comments are plentiful. Perhaps I should change the title to "Babe's Best Dessert Blog". There would be a lot more to write about and the pictures would be fun to post.

Anyway, I'll be off-line for the next week or so. Hope you all have a fun and exercise-ful week. If you are looking for interesting articles try visiting this website:



Chris said...

hi ~ I didn't exercise on the weekend - but I did cook stew. Unrelated? yes. Delicious - YES!

patricia said...

I hope that there was wine in the stew!