Thursday, November 1, 2007

Still trying new workout combos

The search for the ultimate workout continues. Today I tried a combination of body weight exercises and core exercises. Here's the rundown.
Pushups - a bunch using the balance board
lunges with medicine ball 12/leg
V-sit with medicine ball twist 20/side
Squat 18 lb X 15
V-sit 20
javorek complex 8 lb dumbbell X 6/exercise
full situps 30
bench press (smith) 50 lb X 12
leg raise on bench 12
hanging leg raise 12
forward roll swiss ball 12
Finished with plank forward 60 sec, each side 30 sec

Overall, shoulders and triceps are tired and sore. Will take tomorrow off in those areas. Abs and legs are not feeling challenged. Will try more reps tomorrow.

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