Monday, November 19, 2007

Weak and flabby arms

05:30 was the start time for today's workout. It seems pretty early but there was only one other person in the gym so I think that this will be a good time to workout since there are no lineups for the equipment. The Brits started rolling into the gym around 06:30 which was about the time I was ready to leave.

Today I did upper body. I haven't been working this consistently so had to start with some low weights to get back into it. My shoulders and arms gave out before my chest and back were feeling anything so I'll need to keep working arms for a while before I can see progress in other areas. That's ok, though, because I have six months to go in the fitness challenge and I'm sure there will be some good results by the end.

Bench press with dumbbells:
1 set 10 kg X 12 reps (warm up)
3 sets 15 kg X 10 reps (would have preferred 12 kg for the third set but they don't have any dumbells that size)

Assisted chins (level 12=48kg, level 14=56kg) This seems like a lot but the machine wasn't properly maintained so I'm not sure if these weights are accurate.
8 X level 12 plus 4 X level 14
4 X L12 plus 8 X L14
10 X L14

Bench press with olympic bar (45 lbs)
bar + 10 kg 10 reps
bar + 5 kg 2 sets of 10 reps
arms were shaking at this point

lat pulldown, wide grip (level 4, not sure of weight)
12 reps X 3 sets

Javorek complex 2 sets with 6 of each exercise
had to use one 3 kg and one 4 kg dumbbell because they are deficient in small weights and I was not ready to move up to 5 kg. This morning I felt a burn with the 4kg, but felt nothing with the 3 kg weight

Dips on bench with feet on swiss ball
15 reps X 3 sets

That's all for this morning. I have a lot of work to do to get my upper body in shape and to overcome the muscle imbalances but I'll keep working at it. If the guys go for PT after work today I'll go do some ab work.

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