Thursday, April 3, 2008

Delayed post

I did my workout this morning but the computer connection was so slow that I couldn't get on-line to post my workout. It was the usual so you didn't miss any information.

One thing that I am starting to enjoy doing is the one-leg squat on the bench. It is a killer workout but should be great for toning up. Here's the rest - 3 sets of each.

situp (incline) 15
squat push press 7.5 kg db 15

J complex 5 kg 6/each
leg over med ball 20

single leg squat (bench) 15
tricep dip 20
jack knife on bench 20

single arm row 7.5 kg db 12

dead bugs 20
med ball kayak 20

lunge with med ball 15
4 pt shoulder press (5 kg) 10

1 comment:

patricia said...

I have a ball and I have a kayak but a med ball kayak is beyond me. Condo AGM tonight and Mr. Cyclyng Spud is going to be elected to the board