Thursday, April 10, 2008

Progressive cardio

Today I did three sets of cardio, each getting progressively harder.
Rowing machine 30 min 5450m
Elliptical 30 min max HR 150bpm
Stairmaster 30 min max HR 162 bpm

It was a good workout that burned off a lot of energy. Went to the gym in the afternoon because we were working all morning and are planning to work this evening. The split shift was a nice change and I had fun doing my PT today. The rowing machine was a good workout. I really felt it in my back and butt. The medic said it was a good choice for exercise but that I should not extend my knees all the way so I concentrated on keeping them slightly bent during the extension. Also concentrated on pulling my shoulder blades together during the pull part of the exercise. I'm curious to see if I feel any effects tomorrow.

Also, a replacement part for the hot water tank in the girls shower room has finally arrived. I have been doing a combination of showers in the guy's room and bird baths in the girls toilet room. It depends on how busy the guy's shower is. I can't wait to have the girl's shower room back again and have a nice long hot shower without anyone waiting outside the door telling us to hurry up.

It has been cold and rainy here all week and I was joking with the guys that we are going to go home without a tan. I'd rather have a little cold weather, though, since it is easier to bundle up than to escape the heat. I'm sure the heat will come back in a week or two anyway. When it rains all the pollution and dirt is cleaned out of the air and it is easier to breathe so for now I am enjoying the place. My cardio workouts have improved, I think.


patricia said...

I hope that by the time you read this, the shower parts will be installed and you will have had that shower! How cold is 'cold and rainy'? How hot is the expecyed heat when it returns?

chrisrawk said...

Hi - I went for a bike ride last night. Easy one; only 45 minutes or so. My apartment complex was having a street party to raise money for poorer families, so when I got home Jessie and I went and drank some "dong-dong-ju" for charity. Felt nice to do my bit in the community... especially since "my bit" means drinking rice beer. :)