Monday, April 7, 2008

Run outside

I ran outside this morning. I did the 10K route which is eight laps around the camp. It took about an hour with a nice slow pace. The temp is quite cool so it was comfortable and I didn't have to drink too much water.

Yesterday was a rest day because I was feeling a little sore and tired. The rest seemed to work. Today I feel really good and full of energy. I have to admit that getting out of bed was hard but now that I've had breakfast and PT I feel good.

After PT I had a "bird bath" in the sink in the toilet room. The ladies shower has been not-serviceable for the better part of a week and at night we put a sign on the men's shower and take it over for girl hour. This morning there wasn't enough time to get the guys through and myself too so I just washed in the sink. It was ok. Our bathroom is always nice and clean so washing in the sink wasn't a big deal.

Pat asked about the Romanian deadlift. This is an exercise that I have been doing periodically for a few years. I didn't know the name of it, though, so have just started calling it by its real name. I'm trying to educate myself on what these exercises are called but it is not easy since different web sites use different names. All I know is that there is only one name for the one-leg squat and it is a great exercise for the thighs and butt. I'll be doing some of those tomorrow.

Too bad about the snow storm back home. Hope Portugal is sunnier and there are lots of cafes to sit in that serve red wine.

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patricia said...

I too am anticipating lots of wine! Am back to eating regular gluten breads and pastries again which is really good too. Yes, we did have lots of snow but yesterday we walked 16km in warm sunshine and picked some pussy willows along the way so spring is around somewhere.