Saturday, April 5, 2008

Need new routine

I'm getting bored with my workout and I think that it is time to open the books and build a new routine.

Squat push press 7.5 kg 15
situp 15

bench press O bar + 10 kg 12
leg over med ball 20

single leg squat (bench) 15
tricep dip 15
jack knife on bench 15

lunge with med ball 15
med ball kayak 20

calf raise w 5kg db 20
romainian deadlift w 5 kg db 15


patricia said...

Interesting to see the addition of the romanian deadlift just as the NATO summit winds up in Bucharest. Is this just a coincidence or a comment?

patricia said...

We woke up to a huge snowstorm this morning and it is still snowing hard. Many, many cm already on the ground!