Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Toning routine

Took yesterday off because I was busy but got back into the gym today. Did 3 sets of each:

squat push press 7.5 kg db 15
vsit with med ball 20

single leg squat on bench 15
tricep dip 15
jack knife on bench 15

negative situps 15
lunge 15
leg over med ball 15

calf raise 15
vsit with med ball again 15


patricia said...

We are off to Curry Fix for dinner with Pat and Bill tonight. They are just back last night from a ski weekend at Jasper. Prior to that they were skiing at Nakiska, etc., etc. We will ask if they have plans to ski at Revelstoke. They might want to rent someone's house on a regular basis.

patricia said...

Sounds like this might be an April Fool's routine. I saw on the news that visitors have been arriving enroute to the south so understand that you have been and are very busy.