Saturday, March 29, 2008


Bike 30 min 13.5 km max HR 135 bpm
Stairmaster 30 min L15 max HR 165

Worked like crazy on the stairmaster. Sweated lots, HR was up and drank lots of water.

My chubby friend showed up for PT every day this week but he hasn't been working very hard. At least he showed up though. The rest will come in time. The people replacing me in two months are very fit so it is worth his while to get in shape before they arrive or they will kick his ass. We'll see how it goes.

I'm a little bit tired from my workouts this week but feel really good overall. I feel relaxed and have been sleeping like a log every night. My appetite has improved a lot and last night I had a huge dinner and a junk food feast after but my weight is staying constant - not going up or down,which is good. I'll try to eat more earlier in the day to stave off the food cravings late at night. I'm still eating three cooked meals at the mess but might start having morning snack to get my calorie count up a bit. A lot of the guys are taking protein drinks but I don't want to start doing that.

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patricia said...

Starting today I am on a one week trial of a gluten-free diet. If this solves the digestive 'discomforts' I guess I will have to take a large suitcase filled with rice crackers to Portugal. Wonder what security will make of that?!