Thursday, March 13, 2008

It's getting hot out

Went for PT at 4PM which is great because I haven't had my normal schedule for longer than I can remember.

Run 5 k in 28:06 max HR 165 bpm

bike 17.6 km 41 min HR 135 avg

It's getting hot out and I have to keep reminding myself to drink water. Today my friend in Ottawa emailed me a picture of his house and the snow bank in his front yard is as high as his roof. I guess this was a lucky year to be away from home. I'm so happy that it is warm out now. Life is a lot better and more comfortable. Everyone is more cheerful and they come out of their rooms more now. Only two months to go before I am home (plus or minus a couple of weeks).


patricia said...

The TV pictures of the snow in the Ottawa area and in the Maritimes are unbelievable! Yes indeed, your garden will be getting lots of moisture as it melts. Your terracing will certainly help keep soil on the slope! Maybe, if spring is delayed, you will be home in time to see your bulbs in flower? I bought a pot of hyacinths in bloom yesterday for Easter but really just to sniff their spring fragrance!

patricia said...

Today it is already tomorrow so happy St. Patrick's Day to you and all your colleagues. My fingers are crossed for some green beer for each of you or better yet, some Guinness!