Monday, March 24, 2008

Don't call me lightning

The Brits had a 10 K run to raise money for a charity that they are supporting. The event was held all day to accommodate shift workers and people had the option of running outdoors or indoors on the treadmill. Myself and one of the supply guys decided to do the outside run so we each paid out $10 and started about 3:15 in the afternoon. I finished in 1:03:40 which includes a slow steady pace, some stops for water and one porta-potty stop. Overall I'm pleased with this time under the conditions and I'm glad that I did the run.


patricia said...

Good for you! I just watched a two hour documentary on CBC last night on the country and I cannot imagine running 10 km in that dust! To be truthful, I couldn't run even 1 km, downhill all the way! Before you know it you'll be posting a half-marathon! Good luck with motivating your new fellow. Keep us posted as to his progress.

chrisrawk said...

How hot is it? Is the main challenge the heat, elevation or the air quality?