Friday, March 21, 2008


It's hot and dry here so we are all drinking lots of water these days. It isn't unbearably hot, though. I am so happy that the winter is over. Life is a lot easier now since we don't have to go around in winter clothes and damp. It rained a little bit today but not enough to make a difference to the dust. It did clear some of the smog and pollution out of the air so it is easier to breathe now.

For PT I did a run on the treadmill. 5.5 km in 30:10 minutes. It felt really good to run today. Then I did 30 min on the stairmaster with a total of 600 "steps". It isn't true stairclimbing but I had the resistance turned pretty low so I had to move quickly. Drank lots of water but am still a little bit dehydrated. Energy levels are good tonight and I think the next few days will be quite relaxing, in comparison to the past week.

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