Sunday, March 23, 2008

No Sunday routine

We have not had a Sunday routine for four weeks now. I was hoping that we would have one in honour of Easter Sunday but it wasn't meant to be. My first timing was eight o'clock, as usual. It's not a horrible time, but it would be nice to have one relaxed day this month. Anyway, went to the gym in the late afternoon and did a good workout.

Bike 25 min 11 km

then weight room 3 sets of each exercise

olympic bar 12
O bar + 5 kg 12
squat w/ 5 kg db 20

bench dip 15
jack knife on bench 20

lunge w/ 3 kg med ball 10/leg
vsit w/ 3 kg med ball 20

dead bug 20
crunch 20

situp 25
side squat 10/leg

It was hot so I drank two full bottles of water. This was quite a lot for a routine that includes a lot of ab work but I sweated it out by the time I was done the routine.

Starting tomorrow I am doing PT in the morning before work. The person who works for me is so unfit and unhealthy that he can't even do his job properly. He's been here a month and I've tried to encourage him to do PT, with mixed results. He is incapable of doing exercise and has trouble walking and climbing stairs during our normal work day.

Now his breaking in period is over and my supervisor and I are getting him into a regular PT program whether he wants it or not. This means that we are "babysitting" him in the gym, starting at 7:30 AM. I'll let him do his own program for now since he can't really do anything more strenuous than walking without looking like he's going to have a heart attack. In the mornings the gym is full of Brits so I hope he puts in an effort so they don't form a bad opinion.


patricia said...

I can't believe that a person this unfit is in the military. How does he ever pass his fitness testing that you have gone thorugh with flying colours? Be 'gentle' with the increments that you expect - I am not at all sure that the country is ready for a ramp ceremony for a fellow who died of 'overwalk' (as opposed to overwork)

chrisrawk said...

Send the Brits a message about your team's professionalism by working together to push/pull the newb into shape. First thing to do is get the newb mentally on-side to work-out with/for the team. Hope he has other skills that'll contribute to your team's success!

Balcony Babe said...

Well,he showed up today which is a good start. We don't have a fitness instructor here to put him on a proper program so for now I am letting him do what he wants, as long as he shows up.

There have been many times in my career when I didn't measure up and there was always someone there to push (force) me into getting in better shape. A little motivation isn't a bad thing so we'll keep motivating him and see how things go. My supervisor is behind this 100% so the morning PT routine will continue for quite some time and I'm sure he'll at least lose some weight, if not actually improve his cardio a bit.

I'm finding the heat/dust/pollution is taking a toll on my fitness level and can't imagine trying to work in this environment when you are so unfit that you can't even do basic tasks.

chrisrawk said...

In my first year in Korea I worked with a woman who was in her mid-40's and fat. Her fitness level was so poor that she couldn't even walk the 10 minutes to work on level paved sidewalks and walking trails.

When the yearly "yellow sand" (pollution from China) made the air quality terrible, she felt very demoralized and eventually became quite isolated from the other teachers. How could she make friends when she couldn't even walk?

She ended up doing a runner and going back to America. So, yea --- it'll be mentally, emotionally, and physically hard for this guy to perform well at work if he doesn't "bust a gut".

But given his career path, he should already know that "2 percent" rule about not being the worst in the group. I guess that means the group he transferred from is pretty bad compared to your crew!!

chrisrawk said...

Just curious, what part of the country is he from?