Saturday, March 22, 2008

Fast run

Went onto the treadmill tonight for a quick run. The first treadmill I went on couldn't keep the speed constant. I bumped it up to 11.5 km/h but it kept dropping to 10.8 and then going up to 11.5 again. I think the belt was slipping. Anyway, did 1.3 km and then switched to another machine. On the second machine I went 11.5 km/h for 2.6 km and then stopped. Max HR was 167 bpm.

We had a BBQ tonight. The food was tasty and the speeches were short. No beer though. I wore shorts for the first time outside of PT. It is definitely shorts weather now which is great.


patricia said...

You are one of the lucky ones! Not that it is warm enough for shorts but that you have gorgeous legs for wearing shorts! I hope that the Easter goodies contain some chocolate for each of you - otherwise we will have to go to 'Death By Chocolate' or Bernard Callebout (or both) in June. Happy Easter to you Babe from all the rabbits at Rabbit Hill Ct.

patricia said...

Luggage is on sale for 70% off at the Bay this week so we bought an assortment of new pieces for the upcoming trip. Now I need to go to Michael's and get some distinctive ribbons to tie on so we know our BLACK bags from everyone else's!

chrisrawk said...

happy Easter~ Hyoe Yeon and I are making a beef stew on this rainy spring Sunday ... wish you were here to try some!