Friday, December 7, 2007

Biking faster now

Today I biked 20 km in 35 minutes. Went for PT at 16:45 hours and really enjoyed the workout. Hopefully our days will become shorter so that I can start doing morning workouts again. It is pretty cold in the mornings when we wake up and no one seems to be going to the gym anymore. I think it is because we are all getting tired from the constant workload. I knew it was going to be like this and I'm glad that the time is going quickly but I wish there was more time to work out.

I did manage to find a scale in camp. The traffic techs use it to weigh the mail bags. I weigh 156 lbs which means it would cost a lot of postage to send me anywhere. I guess mailing myself to Hawaii is out of the question for now. I'll have to bike there instead.


patricia said...

You have lost enough weight since your posted October weight that you will definitely qualify for that good cake you wrote about and some rum and eggnog to celebrate Christmas! Wish we could serve it to you in person!

patricia said...

Cycling Spud says " If that is a stationary bike, that is a hell of a long way to go!"

Balcony Babe said...

You're not wrong. I'd better get back to work and do some more km's.