Monday, December 24, 2007

Short workout

Tonight was a short workout because we are going out tonight for Christmas eve dinner.

Did 4 sets of each of the following:

deep squats 25
med ball twists 25/side

dead bugs 25
crunch 25

forward lunge 15/leg
full situp with twist 25

Weighed myself on the postal scale and I came in at 159 lbs. Haven't made any progress in the weight department and my pants aren't fitting any looser either. That's ok, though. There is lots of time left in the fitness challenge to see results. Performance is improving and that is the most important part of the exercise goals that I set. Now that my cardio is picking up I think that the weight will start to come off. It will also be easier to trim down once all the Christmas goodies disappear from Canada House.

1 comment:

patricia said...

Merry Christmas to you (and to all of your colleagues!) We are holding you in our hearts my dear and, as surely as day follows night, we will raise a glass and toast you!