Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Core and legs

Usually I don't like doing a big workout before supper because the gym is full of muscle men (or wanna be's). Tonight I took the plunge and went over to the mats in the corner to do my little routine. It felt good to get back to a core workout. I like working my legs too and it will be interesting to see if I feel any pain from the squats and lunges. It has been a couple of weeks since I did them so there may be some recovery needed.

3 sets of each exercise:
squats with 4 kg medicine ball 25
Vsit jackknife 25 (these were hard to do towards the end of the last set)
forward lunge with med ball 12/leg
kayak with med ball (abs) 15/side
dead bugs (abs) 25
supermans 25
leg raises 25
crunches 25

2 sets of the following:
reverse plank on swiss ball 30 seconds
forward plank 30 seconds

I also made an effort to eat less and drink more water today while still getting full nutrients. We'll see how things progress in the days to come. Cold weather seems to bring out my appetite but I'll try to cut back without being deprived.

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