Monday, December 17, 2007

The best Christmas parcel - a parcel of land

Please don't send any Christmas parcels. I have everything that I need here and there are strangers sending us parcels full of more things that we don't need. It gets to be a burden after a while, even though I know they mean well.

One of our Canadian groups invited us all to their place to spend the night on Christmas eve. The truth came out today when we spoke with one of them and she said that the real motivation behind the invitation was that they were all tired of talking to each other and wanted some fresh folks to converse with. I understand her point of view completely. I also enjoy their company and think that the evening will be a very nice one.

Perhaps the best way that we could send gifts to each other this Christmas would be to enjoy the company of other people and try a new social outing or experience. Then maybe we could share the story with each other to bring a smile to everyone's face. That might be better than sending parcels.

However... my consumer side is coming out. If you are still feeling generous next summer, maybe you can send me some seeds or bulbs to plant in the garden. I'll be home in May which is the perfect time to plant things. If not plants, then maybe a garden ornament or a birdhouse would be nice.

Let's revisit this idea again next spring. Oh... one other idea that would be a nice Christmas gift would be to go on the mls and find a nice parcel of land that would be perfect for retirement. I like most of what I see - above the $1 million dollar mark, that is. Not liking the $25,000 mark too much. Need to find something in between so if you see anything let me know. I'm not buying right now. Just dreaming.

The best piece of land that I have found so far is worth a quick visit to the mls website, if you would like to see the pics. Follow this link to mls and enter property code k151642 in the MLS Number box. Once you are at the property listing click on the MORE button and have a look at the photos. Beautiful! Canada at its best. I can't wait to get home.


patricia said...

Garden ornaments and birdhouses are a definite! (Are garden gnomes allowed??) Million $$$ property is a maybe!

Balcony Babe said...

Bird house is ok, I can make do without the million dollar pad.

Did you enjoy the pictures of that little acreage by Golden? I bet there is great kayaking on that river. White water kayaking probably, but good none the less.