Saturday, December 15, 2007

Jogged a little faster today

Took yesterday off and had better workout results today.

Jogged on the treadmill for 30 minutes total. Ran 5 km in 25 minutes, which was my goal and then jogged .8 km in 5 minutes. The last bit was at a slower pace than my goal pace but it stretched the distance a little bit. I feel pretty good about the first 5 km since my goal is to get under 5 minutes/km. Now I want to stretch the distance to 10 km in 50 minutes. It will take some work but I am half way there which is encouraging.

After the jog I went on the elliptical cross trainer for 20 minutes. I set the resistance to 120 W, about 1/4 of the maximum. I felt the work in my calves but there was no bouncing on the joints which was nice.

Overall a pretty good workout. I owed myself a good one since I broke down and had potato chips for the first time today. I also had some chocolate during the last two days. The Christmas parcels are starting to arrive and the diet is becoming extremely difficult.


patricia said...

Wish we could send you some Christmas parcels! I understand that the post office will mail them for free even but how do we address them?

chrisrawk said...

how can I send you a Christmas parcel?