Thursday, December 27, 2007

Skipping ex

Skipping exercises - not doing skipping as exercise. These past two days have been long ones so I haven't been to the gym. Did cut back on sweets, though. Had a small piece of my favorite fruit cake for dessert tonight but other than that I've been good. Tomorrow "should" be a short day so I expect to be back in the gym.

I did make time to exercise the mind, though. I've spent some time each night reading the books that I brought. When I first got here I neglected them but now I'm enjoying spending a half hour or so reading. It takes my mind off the tasks that we do each day and the things lined up for tomorrow.

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patricia said...

What books are you reading? We three went to see "The Kite Runner" yesterday and it was well done, despite the fact that I never find a movie to be as good as the book, especially if the book was well liked! I am re-reading Proust which is not exactly in the spirit of the holidays.