Thursday, December 20, 2007

Good weight routine

Did a great weight routine today. Went for PT at 4:30pm and spent 45 minutes working out followed by a good 10 minute stretch routine. Did supersets to keep the heart rate up and minimize recovery time between sets.

4 sets of squats with 25 reps each interspersed with 4 sets of bench press
olympic bar plus 10 kg 15 reps
O bar + 15 kg 12 reps
O bar + 15 kg 9 reps and O bar + 10 kg 6 reps
O bar + 10 kg 12 reps

3 sets of all the other exercises in supersets alternating between 2 exercises:

forward lunge 12/leg
incline bench press w/ 10 kg dumbbell X 15 reps

bench dips, feet up 12
Vsit (bench) (abs) 20 (ran out of breath at end of third set)

rotator cuff 1 kg X 12/side
4 pt shoulder press 5 kg X 10 (good shoulder burn)

bicep curls 5 kg X 20
leg lifts (abs) 25

med ball twists (abs) 20/side
dead bugs (abs) 15

Finished with a great stretching routine. My flexibility has really improved. Today when I sat and extended the legs I could bend all the way forward to touch head to knee. It's been a long time since I could go all the way forward with this stretch. Overall it was a good workout. Arms felt the burn. Legs and abs did not feel overtaxed so I think it is time to work those areas a little harder.

Energy is still good. Health is good -no colds or coughs. Nutrition is good but the Christmas sweets are piling up so it is hard to resist. I find myself nibbling little treats during the day, but have resisted eating snacks at night.

Work hours are still long, but now we are taking a break during the evening. Usually I work 8am to 4 pm, do PT and eat supper and then go back to work from 7pm to 9:30 or so. The work isn't strenuous and there is lots of variety but it does add up to a long week. At least the time goes by quickly.

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patricia said...

These are very long days! Do you know yet when you get your R&R time and, if so, where you will head?