Sunday, December 23, 2007

Chocolate recovery

P offered up the excellent suggestion that chocolate makes a great recovery tool. It also tastes really good. I must say, she would make a great fitness coach with all these good ideas to share.

Today I did bike again. 60 minutes exactly with 31.6 km exactly.

I was listening to some new music on my ipod and it helped pass the time. We had a computer turned in with about 85 songs in the music folder so I uploaded them to my ipod. Most are rap and I fast forwarded through those ones but there were some good alternative songs on there that I quite liked. I think that I'll end up keeping some of them and will add them to my fitness playlists. It's nice to spice things up a bit to take your mind of the monotony of doing cardio in a gym. Overall I was pleased with today's workout.


Cycling Potato said...

Dear Balcony Babe Your fitness program leaves me ashamed of my indolence, laziness and tendency to gorge on cookies, chocolates, fresh buns filled with delicious eats and, in the evening, glass after glass of Shiraz. But it is good to be home, see Eric enjoying my amateurish cooking efforts, and his new, beautiful red coloured, Dell computer which arrived yesterday evening. I will collect payment from him and deposit the $ into your account at TD if you like. Dad

patricia said...

Happy Addukku Roti day, aka Christmas Eve!

Balcony Babe said...

Hey, I'm glad that you two are enjoying lots of holiday treats. Please have a second helping of everything for me. Especially the wine.

Hope Eric likes his computer. Please double check the specs and make sure that everything is ok with it. Hopefully he's thrilled with its performance and the colour too (most important). Glad that it arrived in time for Christmas. I didn't think that it would but Dell came through after all.