Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Met goal again

Met my goal again today. Not a sports goal or a life goal, just a fitness goal. I did an hour of cardio today and felt wide awake and full of energy afterwards.

The first activity was 30 min treadmill with 6 km distance covered. (My goal is 5 min/km and I'm trying to increase distance.) I started at 12km/h, increased to 12.2 half way through and then to 12.5 in the last five minutes. Since my breathing was good throughout, I think I'll take a day off and then try 12.5 to start.

The second activity was 30 min on the bike for a total of 14 km. I'm still not breaking the 30 - 35 km/h that elite athletes do (and probably faster for cycling potato). It's still better than nothing and I think that improvement would come more quickly if I was paying attention to pedaling rather than watching TV and listening to the IPOD. I'll have to focus harder during my next PT session.

Still, an hour of cardio is pretty good.


patricia said...

I'll bet that your 'property manager' got more than an hour of cardio by shovelling out your driveway after the huge snowstorm that hit! Be glad that you missed that one.

Balcony Babe said...

Here's the good news. With that much snow the burglars won't be trying to get to my house. They'll be staying inside someplace warm.