Sunday, December 30, 2007

Two workouts today

Today I was lucky enough to get two workouts in and my energy levels were high enough to do well at both of them. I also used the post office scale again and it seems as though I have lost a couple of pounds. I'll wait a week or so and weigh myself again before I'll know if it is a permanent loss or a blip. Anyway, here are the workouts:

9:15 - 10:00 AM
Ran on the treadmill. 50 minutes exactly. 8.7 km exactly. I passed the "talk test" during the entire run which means that I was running in a comfortable zone and the heart rate wasn't dangerously high. I'm pleased with the total time and will try to increase the distance. My goal is 10 km in 50 minutes. To achieve this I need to increase my pace from 10.5 km/h to 12km/h or better. This is within reach during the remainder of the tour if I keep up my training.

4:00 - 4:45 PM
Had time to do a second workout. Mostly concentrated on upper body and abs since I worked the legs in the morning. This was a shorter weight workout than in the recent past but still effective. 3 sets of each exercise:

squats X 15
O bar + 10 kg X 15
O bar + 15 kg X 12
O bar + 10 kg X 12

lat pulldown Level 4 X 12, L 5 X 12, L 4 X 12
incline benchpress 10 kg db X 12
military press seated 5 kg db X 12
full situps 50

Was very pleased with the three sets of 50 situps. They are much easier to do than during the past couple of months. I have been concentrating on abs quite a bit and I think that the squats and lunges also help with leg strength during the situp. I did the three sets slowly and should work on increasing the speed. Our PT test is one minute in length and a goal of 60 situps within the minute would be quite good. More than 60 would be marvelous.

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Cycling Potato said...

Hilary, just be thankful that the guys want to take showers. Lots don't see the need for such personal hygiene.


ps Why don't you just put a lock on the door??