Sunday, December 2, 2007


Today I spent 37 1/2 minutes on the bike and covered 15 km. It wasn't far or fast but felt pretty good to get back in the gym. I went at 17:00 hours (5PM) and the gym was pretty busy but I still managed to get in my own workout without any problems.

The weather here is rainy and cold. Snow has started to show up on the tops of the nearby hills. It won't be long until it is here. The rain has settled the dust out of the air so it is easier to breathe now. The ground is really muddy but that is a small price to pay.

I ate desserts yesterday and today. The Brit cooks make a really good fruit cake that comes warm from the oven. The guys won't touch it but I love it and wish that I had the whole pan of it to eat all by myself. Don't worry, I didn't pig out that badly. I only ate one piece but if the fruit cake is there again tomorrow then I'll have another piece.

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patricia said...

Do you have any opportunity to tell the cooks directly how much you love their cake? They surely know the bad rep that British cooking has in the rest of the world and I'll bet they would be delighted to know your favourable review. If you play it right maybe a whole cake would be made just for you!