Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Five days in a row

Biked again today, surprise surprise. Went 25 km in 56 min. PT was between 4 and 5pm. Afterward I went for dinner and pigged out again. Half of what I ate was veggies and fruit salad, but it was still a lot of food. Now I am feeling fat and happy and warm.

I also did laundry, changed the bedding, cleaned the room and had a long trip downtown today. We drove by the "waterfront" which is basically a garbage filled creek. In the spring it fills with water and the garbage floats downstream but at this time of year the creek is miserable looking. We also had a few snow flurries this morning but they melted as the day went on. Now it is cold and there is frost on the ground. It wouldn't be a good night to live in a house made of bricks with only half a roof that you were trying to heat with a little wood fire.

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