Thursday, December 13, 2007

Sore legs

Didn't feel any aches in my legs during the day but they did start to feel stiff during afternoon PT. Biked 45 min for 19.5 km which is slow for me. I think it is the good effects of the squats and lunges from yesterday which did the trick. I haven't been sick for over a week which is a good sign. Maybe I'm getting used to the local germs.

Usually when I leave to do work at other locations I am a driver so don't have much chance to look around because all my attention is focused on navigating through the road chaos. Today I was a passenger and saw an interesting sight. A bunch of kids were standing by the road throwing rocks at some little boys. The little boys were trying to get away and eventually ran off down an alley. The adults around that area just watched and went on with their own business.

It's a tough life for these kids in more ways than one. You often see little kids who look to be around five or six years old taking care of toddlers. This country has a reputation for having close family bonds but I wonder if this is not the case for the people who have migrated into the city.

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patricia said...

Did you read "The Kite Runner"? Fabulous book about boys in Kabul and afterwards. The kids were pretty brutal in that story as well. I read the author's next book, "A Thousand Splendid Suns" but it did not grab me the way the first one did.